Fabrik 3.9 Released

Fabrik 3.9 is now available for download and is fully compatible with the newly released Joomla 3.9.

Fabrik 3.9 Highlights:

  • NEW! Added Mailgun plugin that uses the relay direct and by-passes Joomla's mail library and allows you to receive replies and write to a table
  • NEW! Added Consent element (GDPR compliant opt-in)
  • NEW! Added Lockrow plugin, allowing you to lock a row for editing, so no one can edit until you submit
  • NEW! MPDF library added, giving user an alternative to DOMPDF
  • Updated Mailchimp plugin
  • Updated Stripe plugin
  • Improved GoogleMaps functionalities
  • Joomla! 3.9 Compatibility
  • PHP 7.2 Compatibility

To see all changes, visit the Fabrik Github commit page.

Thank you to all the community members that made contributions since the last version, as always, we appreciate your contributions to the project!

As with any Joomla! extension update, please remember to backup and test your backup before proceeding with the update. Please report any problems you might experience with this new version on our forums.

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