1. Fabrik 3.9 has been released. If you have updated Joomla to 3.9, this is a required update.
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  1. jennywessels9497
  2. saramichel9497
  3. lenmayer028
  4. roosmoens028
  5. Pollux
    Pollux cheesegrits
    Hi. I saw that you created a plugin for a sitemap generator for Joomla, that retireves links from Fabrik. Can you help me? I installed OSMaps but Fabrik links are not shown. Is there a plugin for that problem, or another plugin that solves this problem. Many thanks
  6. tnunaia
    tnunaia mahmoodee
    I configured my Fabrik form plug-ins (email) using the following which is not working to submit a notification to an email:
    --do--* : email
    In: Both
    On: New

    Email to: {my@gmail.com}, {application_for_small_craft_registration___fullname}, {application_for_small_craft_registration___owners_name};

    Is it correct or not? Please help...
  7. nobilebarabba
    nobilebarabba deant
    Hi, can I send you the code?
  8. saovry
    more working hard more achievement.
  9. csantof
    csantof Maud67
    Salut, peux-tu me dire comment tu as fait pour solutionner ton problème de filtrage avec le ccd car tu es venu demander de l'aide sur mon post et cela m'interresse beaucoup. Merci.

    Hi, can you tell me how you did to solve your filtering problem with the ccd because you came to ask for help on my post and I'm very interested. Thank you very much.
  10. nickbirch
    Feeling my way with Fabrik as a new member
  11. evaret
    evaret cheesegrits
    Since update to 3.9.2 , in the form-plugin email I miss the fields for CC and BCC to.
  12. Enrique_Barrajon
    Enrique_Barrajon cheesegrits
    Cascadingdropdown does not show result when looking at fields containing commas, it only works when looking in fields that do not contain commas.
    I have been looking for answers in the forum but have not found anything about it.
    What I can do?
    1. brijeshpatel
      yes please anyone can help
      May 18, 2020
    2. Enrique_Barrajon
      Hi and thanks.
      In the end I decided to remove the commas in the table fields and there are no more problems.
      May 20, 2020
    3. Enrique_Barrajon
      Now I want a registered user to be able to see and edit the data that he entered, but I can't get it to work.
      May 20, 2020
  13. plvjohn
  14. deant
    deant startpoint

    Im testing your code to prevent delete repeat group and work great on one repeat group. Problem is I have tvo repeat groups in same form and I need to prevent delete in both groups.

    I must confess I realy suck in JS coding. I like to ask you is any chanse to get your help or at least advice how to change the code to be working with two repeatble groups.

  15. cheyennemtnman
    cheyennemtnman mediaateam
    I need assistance with a broken site concern form creation and elements disappearing
  16. cheyennemtnman
    cheyennemtnman mediaateam
    This is a stop gap measure for the PPE scarcity and we really want to drop this model for others to use freely in their regions as soon as possible... We were able to use facebook to call out for support and had 700 sewers sign up just in our region. I never realized there were so many sewers in one region.
  17. cheyennemtnman
    cheyennemtnman mediaateam
  18. cheyennemtnman
    cheyennemtnman mediaateam
    We have documented this start up and I am using Joomla and Fabrik to gather all the information necessary to run the supply chain flow and tracking. We now have other regions expressing an interest in setting up what we have done in 14 days. I would like to be able to zip up our site installation and plop it down any any region where they could utilize our approach.
  19. cheyennemtnman
    cheyennemtnman mediaateam
    Hey there long time no see!
    I have a Rapid Deployment Project for an Not-for-profit 501c3 organization that has started up a Community rapid N95 Cover / Mask Production supply chain for Hospitals , First Responders and Essential workers. We have created a network of suppliers of the mask components and pre-sewing activities with a resource pool
    of 800 hundred local home sewers and industrial sewers.
  20. cheyennemtnman
    cheyennemtnman reidwalley
    Hey there.. I am in the same situation you were in a few years back. I have created name and address fields for Profile in Joomla. Now I would like to access them to create mailing labels or export the profile to a csv list. Could assist me in finding a solution? I know it has been a while since you been back to Fabrik Forums but I have a emergency in provide a solution to help with the PPE scarcity